Refugees: A Government Responsibility?

I stay out of political things as much as I can. There are so many divisions that can be caused by taking the side of a political party because when you declare your side, you are viewed as “Democrat” or “Republican” regardless of if you agree or disagree with each different issue in that particular party. On this issue of refugees I can be silent no longer, this last law from Trump stirred things up, and spurred me on to write.

When the presidency of Trump was announced, a young man I worked with said that several of his high school friends-whose parents could easily be deported-wept the whole day in school fearful of what was to come with Trump’s election. I am not commenting on Trump himself, he is president. That is what is. But this immigration law… this is certainly a problem.

The Risk Worth Taking



Refugees journey (credit: Steps of Justice)

We look back on history thinking we would do things better, deep down we long to be heros. Sir Nicholas Winton saved 669 Jewish children during the Holocaust. He is a great hero because he took a risk, his own life, and did everything in his power to save as many children as he could. There are many heros We want to be like, but more often than not, we would save our own necks before we tried to save a stranger once (much less 669 times).

History tends to repeat itself, as my high school teacher very wisely taught: We should learn from our mistakes. Why do we make the same ones over and over? To let refugees in comes at a risk. Perhaps one could be a terrorist and kill people. Perhaps one could be sick and bring disease into this country. But thousands and thousands are being attacked, raped, tortured, and killed in ways we cannot imagine from the comforts of our own American home. No matter how hard we try, we cannot be safe. We cannot lock out the rest of the world. We cannot even keep our families safe. But we can do what we can to be a place of refuge for those less fortunate.

Perhaps this is a risk. I am not naive enough to believe that all refugees are harmless, but I do believe it’s a risk worth taking.

Responsibility As Global Citizens

Now comes the catch: Is harboring thousands of refugees our government’s problem? Or is it a moral issue connected with being a global citizen? Would you bring someone into your family who might cause harm to your children? Certainly there are glitches with this ban that the government needs to fix, but should they harbor foreign people when it’s specifically their job to protect the American people? I’m not sure.

We, the People, should be doing the right thing. If we are reposting articles about refugees and are standing outside protesting with words in anger, but have not given to the cause: shame on us. If we truly believe there is an important issue at hand then we should physically do something if at all possible. There are dozens of nonprofit organizations doing great works for refugees. Look them up, do some research and give money to help these people.

We should not become so dependent on the government that we cannot move unless they move for us. We want the government to give us freedom, yet we don’t use the freedom we have. We long for a country of peace, yet we are divided among ourselves

I realize that we are not in the same situation as Sir Nicholas Winton. Saving 669 lives might be a stretch (and might not), but we have access to every part of the world via internet. We are able to volunteer time, labor, and money. Do something. Don’t waste your life living words and not acting on the part of those in need. Perhaps it is the government’s job to harbor refugees, but regardless of if they do or not, we know our job.

If you’re someone who is passionate about this cause, don’t just limit yourself to creating awareness. Invest your resources into solving this problem.


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