Travel Misconceptions: What Is Travel?

There are so many things out there encouraging people to “travel.” What does travel even mean? Heck some people consider a trip to the local grocery traveling, and some people think traveling means going somewhere exotic (and expensive!) Here’s’s definition of travel:

1. To go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey.

2. To move or go from one place or point to another.

3. To proceed or advance in any way.

Now 2 and 3 are optimistic views of travel, according to them if you go from your couch to the kitchen you’ve been traveling… I want to talk about the first definition: To take a trip; journey from one place to another. What does that mean? The best way I can describe what travel is would be “leaving to explore.”

Travel Doesn’t Only Apply to Trips Abroad

I want to emphasize this: travel is often thought of as crazy trips to various continents and different countries. Usually travel means cool pictures and exotic backgrounds. Traveling doesn’t have to be out of the country! Timmy and I love to travel within state boundaries. As long as we’re leaving our apartment and exploring a new area, we’re traveling.

Traveling together doesn’t mean flying all over the world and doing the most amazing things. It can be a simple trip to some trails an hour away. It could be a visit to a State Museum near you. Go to a different city and experience their culture. Go to a national park and do some cool hikes. Take time to travel near you. Many people don’t even experience what their own state has to offer because they’re too busy wanting to get out of it.

Travel Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Timmy and I have been a lot of places, and a lot of those places were day trips. When we lived in San Francisco, we went to Yosemite in one day. The cost of the day was $30 to park plus gas. We packed sandwiches and brought our own water so that we didn’t have to buy a meal. Now we’re in Chicago and we’re planning a take a trip to Nashville for the weekend. We’re staying with friends to cut rooming costs.

If you’re flying, take advantage of and the App Hopper for the cheapest tickets. If you’re driving and staying the night somewhere utilize and Airbnb for cheaper options. You don’t have to be rich to travel. The most common excuse for lack of travel is that there isn’t enough money… take a trip to a state park and spend the day there: It’s cheap, fun, and fresh air is always good.

Make it one of your priorities if you really want to travel. 

Travel Requires Work

Do your research! There are free Museum days and free concerts that you could travel to for a day trip if you just get online and look it up. I know the Chicago Art Museum (which is so amazing) does free days for Illinois residents a few times. Look at places near you and see when the prices drop so you just have to pack a lunch and pay for gas.

Look up when the cheapest flights are if you’re flying and adjust accordingly. Try to go at more obscure times because if you go during the summer months, everything will be more expensive. That’s why Timmy and I are all about the weekend trips. We can leave after work Friday and come back Sunday, or just go on a day trip somewhere cool.

For more info, I found this great travel blogger who could help you out if you want to learn more: Nomadic Matt.



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